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Unofficial Pathfinder Bible Experience 2021
Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, and 2 Peter Memorization Guides

Welcome to the Ready Answers Bible Memorization Curriculum. Unofficial Study Guides for the PBE 2021.

The Ready Answers Bible Memorization Program is designed to help you memorize Bible passages easily and quickly. It is based on many well-proven strategies for memorizing. From this page you can get our material designed to help prepare for tests on the Biblical books of Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, and 2 Peter. This should be helpful for tests such as the 2020 Pathfinder Bible Experience or Bible Bowl events. It is also helpful for any study of these books. On other web pages at this site, we also have memorization guides for other books of the Bible.

Official PBE Information

We supply unofficial study guides. For the official rules and instructions to register a team, please go the the official PBE site: https://www.pathfindersonline.org/pbe or https://www.clubministries.org/pathfinders/pathfinder-bible-experience/

Study Guides with Questions and Handles in English, Spanish, and French

If the hyperlinks in these study guides don't work, please try using Acrobat reader. This is often necessary on phones.
Memorization Guides Video Questions
chapters pdf YouTube Excel pdf
Hebrews 1-5 sorry* sorry* Hebrews 1-5 Questions - Excel Hebrews 1-5 Questions - PDF
Hebrews 6-9 sorry* sorry* Hebrews 6-9 Questions - Excel Hebrews 6-9 Questions - PDF
Hebrews 10 sorry* sorry* Hebrews 10 Questions - Excel Hebrews 10 Questions - PDF
Hebrews 11-13 (pictures for only 11:1 - 12:1)
Hebrews 11-13
Hebrews 11-13 Questions - Excel Hebrews 11-13 Questions - PDF
James 1-2
James 1-2
James 1-2 Questions - Excel James 1-2 Questions - PDF
James 3-5
James 3-5
James 3-5 Questions - Excel James 3-5 Questions - PDF
1 Peter 1-2
1 Peter 1-2
1 Peter 1-2 Questions - Excel 1 Peter 1-2 Questions - PDF
1 Peter 3-5
1 Peter 3-5
1 Peter 3-5 Questions - Excel 1 Peter 3-5 Questions - PDF
2 Peter 1
2 Peter 1
2 Peter 1 Questions - Excel 2 Peter 1 Questions - PDF
2 Peter 2-3
2 Peter 2-3
2 Peter 2-3 Questions - Excel 2 Peter 2-3 Questions - PDF
*Sorry - We will not have time to create these products this year. We are still working on the other products to complete the rest of this table.

Team Organization

You will probably want to consider carefully who on the team should be responsible for which portions of this year’s material. Since some books are smaller than others, and some verses are easier to understand than others, assigning students to each learn the same number of chapters might not be the best strategy. The tables below show our recommended assignments. The goals we had were:

  • Each assignment should be about the same size as the other assignments. This is to help spread the effort equally across the team members.
  • We consider if the content of two verses is similar. We try to assign these verses to different team members, because many people have difficulty memorizing two passages that are nearly identical. This year the worst example of this is Hebrews 8:10 and Hebrews 10:16. They have almost the same message and use almost the same words, but they are not identicle.
  • Each verse should be assigned to one student as a primary responsibility and to a second student as a secondary responsibility. This enables the students to consult with each other during the tests and help each other remember the details required to answer the questions. Also, if one student unexpectedly is unable to participate, the remaining team members are prepared to answer the questions.
  • Each student should have a study partner that leverages the primary and secondary responsibilities. This way, if the full team can't get together for every practice session, pairs of students can meet and study effectively.
  • To simplify remembering who is responsible for which verse, each student should generally be responsible for as few blocks of verses as possible. This is often in conflict with the other goals so a ballance must be selected.

Suppose the team members are Alex, Adam, Lexi, Jordan, Jeffrey, and Noah. Also suppose that Lexi and Jeffrey will be partners, Adam and Noah will be partners, and that Alex and Jordan will be partners. The table below shows that Lexi has the primary responsibility for James, and Jeffrey has secondary responsibility for these same chapters.

Team Member Assignments
Segment Verses Jeffrey Noah Alex Jordan Lexi Adam
Hebrews 1-5 81 Jeffrey's Primary Lexi's Secondary
Hebrews 6-9 89 Noah's Primary Adam's Secondary
Hebrews 10,
2 Peter
100 Alex's Primary Jordan's Secondary
Hebrews 11-13 94 Alex's Secondary Jordan's Primary
James 108 Jeffrey's Secondary Lexi's Primary
1 Peter 105 Noah's Secondary Adam's Primary
Primary Verses 81 89 100 94 108 105
Secondary Verses 108 105 94 100 81 89
Total 189 194 194 194 189 194

Study Material For Each Student

As we complete study material we will populate this table.
Student English Spanish French
Jeffrey: Hebrews 1-5 and James
Noah: Hebrews 6-9 and 1-Peter
Alex: Hebrews 10, 2-Peter and Hebrews 11-13
Jordan: Hebrews 11-13 and Hebrews 10, 2-Peter
Lexi: James and Hebrews 1-5
Adam: 1-Peter and Hebrews 6-9

Fund Raising

Some teams plan for success by raising the funds early to ensure they will be able to go the the final NAD testing level. One very successful fund-raising idea is to have a 30-day verse memorizing event. Students can ask sponsors to contribute $1 per verse for 30 verses that they learn within those 30 days. Some people even pledge to give $2 per verse if they learn 60 verses. This not only funds the trips, it also can be a great incentive to get ready for the tests.

Credits and Contact Information

Image Credits

Copyright 2020, Ready Answers, William and Rochelle Houser, Phone: 812-858-9241.

Email Bill or Shelley at:

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to get these materials on your device. Please let us know if you find any errors so we can correct them and notify our mailing list.